Monday, June 08, 2015


penny shy, freekeh, bufo
alvarius, transpersonal,
peak experiences, skull flux,
saketini, babymaker,
psychosynthesis, ort ond lüüt,
absolute grinding satisfaction,
staub, grind design carousel
dark, norlevo, time tax,
reintarnation, recused,
gp cluster, intentional
overspill, zettel three-
thirty-five, dtmfa,
infrastructures of dissent,
collective creches, flying
squad networks, the transfer
culture, food shares,
anarcho-communism, masses
who make history, zenonism,
practico-inert, non-statal,
freedom from versus
freedom for, bengay dots,
circular alphabet, higher
education cello, saint
egano, over the counter,
broadridge ten,

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