Thursday, June 04, 2015

"anarchist morality"

steganographic, jorts, final
penny photo-op, normative
poetics, radical hobbyism,
unedited identity, expensive
beatnickism, choixtemps,
negative and positive rights,
derping, twenty: fifty, csy
cluster, fourteen: twenty-six,
cbt cluster, hymn to money,
formal freedom, immaterial
work, becoming-rent-of-
profit, the choice is either
this hegel, the shanghai
commune, the cunning of
reason, futur antérieur,
in nuce, hedonism co exist,
fuzz lover, mail room ink,
again because it crashed,
higher education cents,
ruckus juice, kay two
seven eight a four a three,
cep scep union label, peter
kropotkin, anarchist morality,
the revolt of ghent,
pishing hoodling, no
quarter six, seeing like
a state, homophilia, the
heart of the end,

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