Friday, June 12, 2015

"my first pulque tour"

i will lift up my eyes, tkach,
eye-tracking system, leptons,
the higgs field, supersymmetry,
sememe, teotwawki, prepper,
shtf, chalkupy, ecolectives,
pannepot, struise brouwers,
being in the system, the
winnipeg newspaper, srocg-
cbcb cluster, a modest repast, 
i am thought, hagazussa,
kiss the ass of the devil and
eat shit, millrace, channel
orange, adult playground,
judoka, jzkfq, adjust the
ajusted, bald-headed mouse,
york tea, sein und zeit, 
random chopper, visual
lexicon, when international
was one-forty-nine, duvel,
david zack letter, once a
week is not enough, boycott
bad love, chaw mank's plight,
fourteen white bon express,
the westberg ploy, we have
folding issues, my first
pulque tour, too cold to
go out and xerox,

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