Thursday, May 28, 2015

"contact high"

rukus juice, keloid, high in
etobicoke centre, seed shrimp,
lyronics, citra, contact high,
the will not do point, bleeds,
dnschanger, clusterfunk,
twenty-five in one, kilian,
pepper refill, pcmcplb cluster,
fillet, you are pre-approved,
mail art incredibly valuable,
dopesick, harmonized, talon
stub, matane, hypotheses of
commonest experiences,
cognitive mapping, aufhebung,
sinuit, qui est ici est d’ici,
zanj, clientalism, part of
no-part, agrarian militarism,
blank taste, the data is
coming thru, blue screen
of death, strawberry logo,
crazy love, reach around,
july ten twenty-twelve,

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