Saturday, November 03, 2012

"philtrum cynea"

completely egocentric hero, it’s
a ten cent item, it wasn’t very
lucky for the penny was it,
fantastic trippy moiré effect,
eye heart adorno, sardanas, no
copies in general commerce, you
are totally wrong about this,
it doesn’t look like the work of
a, printed stickerback, leaving
nothing blank, depending on
which building is still
standing, worldwide rights,
a veal butterfly, modelarstwo,
klasa, one thing worth sifting
from the rubble, word pictures,
the text reveals problems with
the writer’s brain, psinick,
carden, sweet is the down,
i can’t really afford to add
and pass, endicia, advertisement
snake, hey that’s my writing,
howprint, philtrum cynea,
buzz near four-in-hand,
eliminating alphabet, j,
birds nesting in your beard,
you like to obfuscate my
writing, that’s my hand,
what is available to be
perceived, dixie crystals,
agensa, depero, lunatic
code, vesuvianite, jailmeal,
what is the priority, mailstream,

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