Friday, November 16, 2012


oximeters, nebulizers, cyberspace
wolves, muff bucket, fossick,
lightbulb skulls, cioppino,
a bentspoonfull, blip, you bought
the wrong thing, comic cluster,
inadvertent archive, the stuff
in it is brought forward from
ten years ago, belote, zenana,
orange check, the penny shelf,
courgettes, saint-nectaire,
rillette pâté, meekle and,
buyology, gender semantics,
edars, geoengineering, docuporn,
angiography, hypervariables,
i ain’t signin’, kalamalka, it
got cut off but, there was a
bit of colour here but,
install one, black mark on,
war ping, do you recognize
this, it will be curious to
see what the new machine
does with it, okay gone is gone
here, but eye drifted, all
fall, apple into, ebb brie,
cull some of these out,
hypermilk, your paper self,
bison wounds, info kiss,
real cybernetics, fluxwork,
let’s try a little paint,
let it go, seize the top,
gotta lotta wadda,
orry gynes, mayo one,

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