Sunday, November 11, 2012


lack-of-information sickness,
gaslink, hate crusty eyeballs,
bikini kill, serialism, smartphones,
well this looks like it was a fun
day, drinking milk is something
to be ashamed of, blow off art,
genuine rubberstamp impression,
modified normal, nice wide margins
for invading, tell toby this is
a mail event, would you mind
labeling your faces, everyone
loves to hear echoes, well it
might enhance the community
feeling of the included but,
like television snow, it’s the
foodstains that make it an
original, this could be filed
a number of ways, it might
not signify to everyone,
modified ray, galloping dominoes,
truck farm, collecting evidence
that hitler, mandola, anthurium,
naevus, burst in at orange,
maxiton, pseudo-drunks, we
need to work on our index of
first lines, some vague notion,
milk link, oolite, the small
rain down can rain, kahiki,
acronymbecile, jcard, cyber-
recycling, your greatest fan
is an idiot, your saddest
hour, dayglo discipline,

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