Thursday, November 15, 2012


fluxcess, confuse-a-thon, mind
invaders, vajazzling, quercetin,
print now or forever hold your
peace, it’s got a line there for
you, certain shapes indicate,
the mank you facture, reads
as a frown line, a couple of
books to add to the list of books
you will never read, polyamid,
viscosimeter, pein, rabbet,
tergal, zucchetto, zorille,
cassiterite, trionix, alabandite,
rickrolling, clitter, the watch
factor, toxic assets, decreating,
a cluster of new homes,
permission to buy a hat,
artical cluster, it’s a
wonderful thing if you can
see it as a wonderful thing,
here we og again, such a
beautiful thing to let go
of, i hope you don’t mind if
i do it my way, lose the face,
the original is a piece of
garbage, annotate for colours,
genuine postage stamp, add and
return and return, first we
make then we show, we had to
do these by hand as it were,
this batch we just chucked
thru the machine, evri,

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