Wednesday, November 07, 2012


the lesser meat, xenoglossia,
holga, database write failed,
the blackface girls, mynotera,
diabolical-ecology, china lily
not kikkoman, the original tide,
rare needs, pequia, mimomaniac,
infinite melody, repetition zero,
i don’t really wanna think
about oysterville, bold forward
slash, incorporate marks, the
single word has infinite
meaning, nothing becomes art,
drunk church, blue buddhism,
if you wrote it out longhand,
it changes the reality, art is
an obscene waste of, i am
trying to save you, the copy
is not going to go back together,
meanwhile you are destroying
yourself, i guess it will make
a certain amount of sense,
salvage in a, the back beyond
see the thing, the blank is
structural, yesterday’s
tomorrow, eff eck zee, bring
forward yesteryear, original
to the line, original beyond
the line, the joke is over,
edit on the fly, didso,
to fill or not to fill,

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