Thursday, November 01, 2012


cilla ramnek, lurline, inward single,
broken neck, sharpie fine, handmade
money, no crackline, no crackline,
crackline, just say no to mailart,
just say no to mail, noxubee, from
the circus to the desert, shiner
texas, maybe you can turn it into
something, regurgitated chat,
just close your eyes and jump in,
brown corrugated courderoys,
corduroys sorry, six-twenty-five
lincoln, the details of the dollar,
the money is gazing back at you,
one, keeping it inbetween the
lines, broken hearts and rubber
gloves, you’ve been slimed, ya
go, cloudsmith, black or white
background for the perforations,
mail it back, not black enuf, the
centre of the hollow earth,
xantheose, can’t stand the
sight of blank paper, glassmeat,
life is optional, insects cluster,
insect hand, pefect, clean liq,
children of the great northern
muskeg, moral world order,
resist not evil, other types of
graffiti, zero man, orange
enamel kettle, established
the card house, foghat,
a wolf tree, revise this,

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