Friday, November 09, 2012


de oogdas, divulge it please,
is milk okay, the wounded, frusty,
blackcroft, osier bundle, whatever
happened to the gift economy, the
blurbwars, shinplasters, red knots,
horseshoe crab eggs, one hard o,
hoplophobic, laptopogram, anarchy
rain, flurp, orphotograms, the
illusion of presence, do voice,
untan, criminal consumption,
the sharper image, mailart
flash mob, one day you need
nothing, micro all, yellow strip,
zoom in on the text, eight colour
printing, i forget what this is
a fragment of already, acid
games, happening theory,
lateral thinking, microgram,
indoor anarchy, we need all
these subtitles, refuse to love,
waste the blank, you won’t be
needing this paper, copy the
blank, fly with an eye, tone
wood trees, acomplilations,
craftivism, vajayjay, dayglo
bisons bisons, 

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