Thursday, November 29, 2012


since colour dyes may change in
time, ldpe, superia, hdpe, no water,
the you of see, beardista, private law,
betterfly, transindividuation,
interindividuated we, hexentexte,
preindividuated, co-individuation,
your credit card suddenly declined,
i’m still printing you, ecologo, one
is getting gouged, israel bklt,
film cluster, the keystone ex-ell
pipeline, allpost, without touching
a penny, chloroform has four
written on her belly, plastination,
bike porn, sghool, cackling high
in the eucalyptus, water hat,
ig-rhyme, umi-rhyme, apterous,
blank luster, lg unia, une
cheville, ketterings no apostrophe,
but we’ve already gone to
press, the demon lopes, phenobarbed

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