Saturday, November 17, 2012

"sunshine supergirl"

mail art fraud, one man against
a thousand women, feminist
“pataphysics, two hundred ruled
sheets, ethnic porn, eritrichium,
will the penny soon be gone for
good, sunshine supergirl, keep out
of the goo, transmodern, orgasm
addict, promotional post cards,
cluckster, nine colour printing,
just cut the artwork in half,
just cut the artwork in half,
leave nothing blank, a special
grant from the government of
canada, dose early, the electronic
wasteland, trance blues,
operation crystallization,
mindless chaos, i wish it was
always now, now we got
confusion, mandala spellcheck,
organized art, lazuli bunting,
suicidality, handless clock
and compass explode, uxta,
nineteen forty-seven penny,

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