Sunday, November 04, 2012


the whole letter blew apart,
golcuk, menhra, mehnra, it doesn’t
matter if you can make out the
exact words, statement of a
guaranteed work of arts,
published or bootlegged, loonie
ring, z, ultraidealistic, one is
a mode of resistance, anarcho-
hasidic, ephemerata, total
internet domination, super
jail, chrysopoeia, artisanal
oka, put a handle on it, pay
yap, cgc cluster, garbage much
improved by poetry, fragmentica,
fractal cluster, you and your
crumby art, j’ayme donc je
suis, bumph, witches’ mirrors,
mineral art, putti, post
ululations, face meeting
concrete, working your way
back into jail, make the
decision to turn ninety
degrees, pink sausage, blew

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