Thursday, April 25, 2013


shizen, electra blvd north
saanich, constructive ethos,
the warsaw convention, akal,
hangover to the, yates street,
room six-oh-six, seq pnr dep arr,
it’s all beach, the clock sweats,
he sat, online taxi, audley street,
you might forget what room
you are in, trank action, there
was only two of us, broad street,
each one of these things costs,
kyyj, ballad of a thin poem,
leverage cluster, it looks like
a full tank to me, continuous
stationery, metyrapone, chia
seeds, chalaque, tuque versus
toque, pear of anguish, attach
correspondence, christie, cocb
cluster, zee twang of thangs,
buchy, socialist goblet, the
checkmark means we ate it,
springfield, glamour pussy,
magonca, vercille, the envelope
repetitions, kenzinger, if you
could read the dots, lsd
twenty-five, leg fertilizer,
chickweed, patient counseling,

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