Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"bubalus quarlesi"

noon oh nine, miss blender bakari
freepong, lurve, bubalus quarlesi,
low-barrier shelter, muthu,
vtdg cluster, x is for exit, bestand,
an improvising machine, tsirkus,
the sweet science, cloud computing,
efforts of humanity to conquer,
executive homes clouds, normo,
fukushima, swimming beauty,
eisden, this one is two,
decantus, name checking, after
the fisting, are you for fun or
against fun, we lost some of the
balls, futanari, ganesh, frips,
it’s gmmmd, turnerstrasse,
this was used as an envelope,
roy watson, retire folder, a
network of birds, writing
outside the box, purple arum,

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