Friday, April 26, 2013


demon dialing, wardriving,
hobbyists for exploration and
crackers, wardialing, hammer
dialing, toneloc, microanalysis,
grtr victo, you are still a
child, application label, bang
club the, fishtore, halibut
fritter, pig bbq, blanshard,
derniere volonte, kwm, brandt,
dwell on dollar, obgblb cluster,
pataphysician and mailartist,
gone to nakusp, quikrete,
god’s envelope, decoupage,
fulguration, pasquinade,
the buzzard cult, luftmensch,
the writing took over, an
explosion in a charnel house,
swinette, turtle-excluder
devices, nothing venture, a
rubberstamp that says:
arbitrary, lust trance,
ultrix system, buch, shizer,
twitter-pated, ten-year run,
great wall of books, what’s a
cracker, work and television,
arf, the priddle men,
leaving tracks across the
bog, burn this text,

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