Friday, April 05, 2013


narcissistic personality disorder,
fluxible, evolve for all human
conflict, dreamachine, human
cancer environmental, one is
liveblogging, sampan cluster,
twenty-five dollar insects, beebee
vanderview, obc four-ess cluster,
this is art motherfucker, federal
felony lane, the point where i
become too much, peavey liked to
crochet doilies, no man takes
what’s mine, infinity squared,
if you’ve got the eyes to see,
postal discipline, white cube
cluster, sea lichen, timezone
denim, landkäse, institut für
auslands-beziehungen, prof
joan harrison, sarabi,
champaign, albertata, blue
okoye, i think i am gonna
vomit, fascinated by the
various shades of orange,
estrus w judy ad hoc,
einstecktafeln, canadian
history exciting, virtually
there, hardly close enough,
ecstasized, alambiqué,

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