Tuesday, April 23, 2013


output signal switching device,
metacomic, desire line, social
trail, unitary urbanism,
wayfinding, vivosaur, underwater
logging, hypergraphy, metagraphics,
psychogeography, olfactory
poetry, jasmine cluster, six digits,
woo kee med co, kokuko cookies,
rcctlc cluster, trance to page,
the united states playing card
company, arla dofino, tatsuya
makatani, excessive replication,
photographic time, snapfish,
glasses and a nose, screaming for
more information, giulia,
homemadeband, hope the tornado
missed you, first of all you
have to ask yourself, do you
see the godhead, what you
want, all you need is a phone,
one day of giving, jasmine
paper, buckram, sandook, mor
dun, huàqiaó, a culture of
translation, early hopes for
citizenship, philoptolists,
show-window of democracy,
inelasticity of labour,

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