Saturday, April 13, 2013

"psychogeographical amusement"

planking, rondoux, cvbocm cluster,
gaik cheng khoo, ontographic, trance
alphabet, pemmican, plasser mining,
wctu, start equals art plus,
with an eye to any potential
audience, toothbook, yellow core,
anticham, kodada, duchamp is a
jerk, christo merzbau, a chair
with wings, noise scavengers,
document a king’s lynn, think
industrial, camo bird feeder,
bush tucker, no frills art,
terrorist in suit, badajoz, peter
haining, it will become
complicated, chan lee pui ying,
chalk stencil, kunstenko, read
the road, saep tenet, cornelis
vleeskens, jiri tabor novak,
die schwarze kunst, lessness,
squellette, reportaje maya,
frank mclaughlin, denis
mizzi, psychogeographical
amusement, the museum field,
rebecca zapen, you are what
you see, framing each and
every, gartland, sarah guilfoil,
gayle sherlock, uci public art,
to have the apprentice in the
sun, bonnie may,

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