Monday, April 15, 2013


nagarjuna, lonerism, e-retro,
the men who stare at goats, blue
octavo, which work of art is more
a work of art, repetition variation,
was self, kay cluster, the side
with the bite, the ink bites the
paper, ant with scissors, kace,
umware, mushmail, two hundred
and fifty-six bit encryption,
kaspersky, black ice, cracks
dot am, harlequin fetus
syndrome, practice shaking
hands, infamous sin, librairie
l’insoumise, macon swastika,
collage for meditation, la
lunk, brain versus brain,
power incense, portal, dex-
troe-am-fet, valdosta,
surrat booth harold, vehicule,
more production, addressed
by lunatics, all your memories,
negative engrams, abpp,
emphasis on canada, lenexa,
concrete expansion, complete
it today – it’s the law,
café le dog, imialiba,
my alibi, mail this out,
teg, info in,

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