Friday, April 12, 2013


core dump, neurodiversity,
the path that leads nowhere,
the pali canon, little creatures
pale ale, weekly flyer, ccgb
cluster, twang line cluster, the
process of individuation,
mindmaps, sleep debt, facemash,
truthers, birthers, laughter is
the coin of the realm, art start,
just say the word book, call it
whole, let’s change bindings,
karingal, pizza mail, the no this,
changsha, werribee, tlokweng,
bulimba, yliopistonk, thestabli,
oatdp ntier, kunstenaar, what
have you gone and done, vordruck,
professional fluxus, poetry police,
your one green eye, refuse to
let the art in, spazio thetis,
perfomedia, lineainfinita,
shuck one, el ray de la habana,
stéphane hessel, the vera kunova
art colony club, de nye
rigspolitichefen, red hot poker
flowers, pia hsiao, rite of
wondering, dot fm, digital
breakup, disconnected speech
texts, the aura of the
homeless, bound in yellow,

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