Sunday, April 07, 2013


lola voyl, winnipeg karen eliot,
mbgb cluster, forty-year run,
one produces text also, biopolitical
militancy, three oranges in an
elmwood bowl, dunne-za, every
possible penny, harnessing clean
energy, bcbgmaxazria, aliterate,
ritornello, heed the third eye,
can you tell it was shot from
the thing itself, now the two
are welded into one, now the two
are busted into one, fcz for
lola voyl, actually yesterday,
dynamic imput, aspen’s labia,
gold work, herzhaftt, the one
thing split into two, the file
folder is labeled: empty,
yazuka, what’s this red smear,
why are you making such
things, violent lola, mayo seven,

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