Thursday, April 11, 2013

"calavera atmosferica"

paperlessness, graphical modeling
framework, a census-designated
place, musical instrument digital
interface, hell is other people’s
money, in a homeless relationship,
where there’s a will i am there’s
a way i am, qr code, file letter
sand cluster, weekly flyer, we
still need them but, somehow
the datasheets got mixed up,
sorry i missed, data confusion,
pick a deet, reality impaired,
first class forever, let nature
do the work, genital
intemperance, stretch your
money, pish-posh, technocratic
totality, religious pain, how
to read chakras, brain to
brain, calavera atmosferica,
scott blake, the dolly museum,
foundation garments, read this
one, mazzaro, concrete wheels,
graspus, one is filling the
air, half stormy half blue sky,
rom zipper, i love the paint
you use, short statements
about, zondag, saving our
prints, a creative connection,

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