Monday, May 20, 2013

"distributed micropower"

tandoori, tikka, ambroise framboise,
bclb cluster, start this tape, over
here i’ve found a structure, trip
id, ststsw, online shuttle, that’s
a lot of money to look at a few
pictures, zidane, bb cluster,
soapopotamus, zinf, retain this
copy for statement verification,
trojan turkey, sccm cluster,
continental six-thirty, inuksuk,
emotional hardcore, screamo,
decrumb, webelsburg, colorform,
wee heavies, peated malt, open
door police, terminex,
pantoprazole, samantha smith,
god’s envelope, pbq, gabardine,
primary narcissism, cacahuates,
sirventes, oaktag, distributed
micropower, lambic, the typed
up thing, glitching, note speck,
apostrophe apostrophe pataphiz,
what do you know about,

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