Tuesday, May 14, 2013


takkakaw, aish ha torah,
typomania, parlay not parley,
dysphagia, hyperlyrica,
arthur crew inman, vagus nerve
implant, baked cluster, cscmb
cluster, banana-key and bottle-
shoe, puertas abiertas, papercide,
hello my barcode is, what is the
point of the wood, many
fathomless moments, matagorda,
how many of these did you have
printed up, kamal, i thot i saw
an eye, portrait of graziella,
meditations and mediations,
tucuman, the library is burning,
impregnated by masada,
swarthmore, laurahaber,
self dealing statement, menteur,
does anybody recognize this work
of art, found money doesn’t
stick, burn well my lovely,
asi yaholo, billups, mobylives,
sugar wax, enema vérité,
mojo wire, succés fou, the
yaupon holly, anaxiforminges,
clyster engine, culture-
heroes as everybody, gung
hae, nyet net, refer zoo,

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