Wednesday, May 29, 2013


thinking and mood study,
gisselbrecht, chimay red cap,
seedless bunch, ccoc cluster,
comedy is entrenched in history,
mahingunish, may-may-quay-
zhowug, dimebag, do you intend
to return to this text, fork
trap, i ching fluxus, the day
you stopped, polaroid network,
delirium très mince!, factor
x liaisons, cathode rays,
fagagaga, maginardo, hanging
paper, center bundle, voith,
coderre, alfredo slang, arsizio,
ma longbottom, juhasz pal,
gebord, blast in the ass,
goubert filip, daniel fasano,
a blast of flowers, self-portrait
of who, shinoh!nodera, newton
centre, polyacryl, as factor x,
anthropomorphic toner, shigeru
tamaru, pink toner, matka gona,
sixteenth studio, guillermo
deisler, telecomandato, pierre
marquer, ever traces, robert
swierkiewicz, rue de

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