Sunday, May 19, 2013

"salvia nemorosa"

glitchin’ , outside sales, self
cluster, work it out down to
the penny, ambroise, bcogb
cluster, desire her without a
penny, weed who art so lovely
fair and smellest so sweet,
crazy drawings, the isotonic
point, weiqi, harwood benveniste
pickard raworth, rhamnose,
salvia nemorosa, circle the
speck, font texture, dire
futility, tristimania, shrinking
cities, the politics of mobility,
secret publicities, how pleasure
works, ringolevio, art of
guerrilla warfare, biting
the error, empty meeting
grounds, the sexual politics
of meat, afflicted powers,
architecture and disjuncture,
metacity datatown,
megastructure, ecstasy
unlimited, spoiled identity,
assembling alternatives,
art after philosophy and
after, the retreat from
class, beyond capital,

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