Thursday, May 23, 2013

"fotograph schwebel"

dig deep, panopea generosa, cold
frames, chaz, slewfoot, word salad
days, any swimmer survived, fold
cluster, val-pak, grime cluster,
limousin, alternate trance,
milagros, your nice chinese food,
midnight in eau claire, a
verified pin, taste of ginger,
click here beetle, imp ort, an
other hand present, calgry, you
screwed up your signature,
scrape scratch chip crack dent,
loss of speech, retain this,
terrale, woo kee, iceberg ready
to melt, ave see, popcorn
hazelnut, obm cluster, ststsw,
sunnyside cluster, this beauty
we can get rid of, durable
ephemera, odd fruits, these
labels are, no adam, eben-oh,
with prepared marker, brick
hat, don’t take your cats to
town, stanley lounge chair,
watch that needle, john
logan, livre d’art, galerie
postale, fotograph schwebel,
open call, brian batista,
bruno canadien, a
significant relief,

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