Wednesday, May 08, 2013


yelling about being ignored,
it’s the “pataphysical shits,
‘pataphor, erotikon, the freewriting
method, only the poor have to
travel, distributed identity,
anabathmology, it’s the
metaphysical shits, december
twenty-first nineteen-ninety-two,
got cheezies?, cluster mc,
microart cluster, burn this
chapbook, great wall of books,
the garden and the tower,
trichloroethylene, dança na
corda bamba!, trance itchin’,
it’s no insuperable burden to
pay the reader to read your
work, hick lit, inaccrochable,
brogans, jakeleg, roman-
feuilleton, po-biz, vocational
disobedience, nomopo, daily
typewriting, keratodontalism,
disturber of the peat moss,
nasal sex, apocaloops, zebu,
grinding it out daily, joan
was quizzical, bc opal,
demon text, liquid dallas,

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