Wednesday, May 15, 2013


the first time as tragedy, the
second time as farce, vagus nerve
stimulation, chip butty, cont,
glossophilia, cryptophilia,
meme-ento, watch that blue,
rtui, way cluster, ccocl cluster,
all ungummed, flow problems,
le vernissage, forty-year swan
song, the empathy syndrome,
oranges bright, rosiers, ruy
lopez, mastiachi, kobayashi,
martingales, modernana, the
burnt orange heresy, gefwif,
moment memento, your hand
printed font, annisquam,
an expert on fractals, the
watchmaker’s mutterings,
kakwa, octopus porn, sudden
death semantics, the social
production of art, armed joy,
a haio, jook kaak, runaway
bunny, beyond tish, dialectical
societies, braided creek,
sinister wisdom, how to own
a gun and stay out of jail,
the jigalong mob, the
dustbin of history,

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