Saturday, May 11, 2013


locovore, collection of bent
staples, bullet operator, countless
opportunities for inspiration,
parks bklt, trapadis vin de pays,
global bananas, bg cluster,
voices needing to be stifled,
wewahitchka, you can see them
from the moon, you need to be
exposed, the actual painting,
indicate background, the original
is multilayered, the original
is densely collaged, consuming
raw or uncooked meats, the
original is digital, the original
is perforated, the original is a
sloppy mess, the original is worn
thin, the original is dirty,
make art or die, went back in
his studio, pues yo devolveria
a esos perros y, blaze und, give
something to your city, the
diffrings, is this paint or blood,
ats, tempty, ofay, amphiuma,
in loco parentis, je ne sais quoi,
menhaden, shiatsu, frisée,
zoopraxiscope, indie meant,
change of hand, lokavore,

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