Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"byrnza cheese"

i ching forty-one, vf debit,
ym cluster, kuan-heung, dei ling,
tung choi, sai yeung choi, à
vau-l’eau, de mortuis nil nisi
bonum, terra nullius, consulted
hundreds of experts, concretely
excluded, experience in his home
community, high human and
economic cost, extinguishment,
saint ipple, osisko, looking at
the words, eye trance, see the
rich in right, yarrow love,
photocopy america, hop hound,
rubber duck tsunami, primal
toy, florida strawberry, yampa,
a coin to toss, intergender,
shao, jiàng, maybe the taste,
patent nine-fourteen-twentysix,
fleshy-flesh, esiste nella vita,
destin, solinglu, byrnza
cheese, crawl across the floor,
spread ‘em, a sack of shells,
schylling, winsor and newton,
outsider emo fluxus,

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