Saturday, May 25, 2013

"online interactive poetics"

oh dee dee, could you leave us
a little room for art, bananas
cluster, embodiment of the
human condition, il me semble,
cetriol, concrete proposals,
poetent, propositional poetics,
prior to meaning, online
interactive poetics, field
theory, re-enacting kinetic,
sgml coded, zhid, don’t forget
to print this, opal beds zelda,
erase some text, a significant
relief reservoir, marcin
gajownik, didn’t mean to
take this in colour, an
international strike against
all other strikes, enteritidis,
showgraphs, len lye, forward
time, gasparcolour, tusalava,
curios thing, ona doddle,
retreating from kuwait,
institute for fatuous
research, eventually, about
a third of the catalog,
suis, do you recognize the
sign of the artist, le
passioni della mente,
meditate on and pass along,
sign your defacings,

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