Thursday, May 09, 2013


decathected, cloud consulting,
ahorita, cymotrichous, googoo
clusters, rocamar, let us hear from
you!, csom cluster, the space
between the letters, all bank notes,
bio-abstract, robert’s trick,
adjust the thermostat, one bar
swings, i grew hemp, operand stack,
fast five, ‘lope, selland arena,
products from sunny brook ranch,
drake building, ceramic fish
masks, blase und, userdict,
de chirico two masks, etheridge,
in powder and crinoline, do
not apply to leather suede
velvet corduroy vinyl plastic
or silk, face the face, flesh
the flesh, bush the bush,
ring the ring, knee the knee,
all the eyes that eye,
butterbur, poku, fylfot, je
vous détache ces quelques
hideux feuillets de mon carnet
de damné, pouf, pelargonium,
illegible webpage, difference
art, sololiúquí solutiows,
mute dupe, trapadis,

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