Wednesday, November 13, 2013


internet addicts, space-time cloak,
cognitive load, sharing is publishing,
squinkie, undo automatic bullets,
mend a city, emotion is hard to
communicate in chat, flo-ball
valves, tepidarium, carrion call,
that green ink keeps coming back
to haunt, cluster floating,
the winnipeg karen eliot, bb
cluster, inventing snowflakes,
sexual timelines, an indecent
shade of orange, napkin cole,
a jarful of pennies from
foreign lands, verulam,
lifelong trance, mundus et
infans, gallery slaves, uptick,
concrete communities,
reverse racism, freedom
machine, power-over, trans
ftm, what are you sucking on,
sexual oppression, diligent
writing, these are all titles
of books, pop!,

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