Thursday, November 28, 2013


entoptic graphomania, bridge of
asses, surautomatism, the eating
knife, four loko, sugar legs,
bunga-bunga, nomade benedetto,
sitri, photobombing, the no go
a-go-go, just waiting for a
train, frydae, ill condition,
don’t waste postage, dish lick,
where you’re at and where you’re
headed, put dead animal on the
grocery list, the better part of
the message, information
hinders, valentine radio, those
phone numbers are out, thirty
percent is the best you can
do, mahwah, weehawken,
tappan zee, tweak dance,
stileproject popeye, wahnsinnig,
die gewalt, bedeuten, scan
book, paper on the kitchen
table, people you never
heard of, the ne-ne, get the
word right rite wright,

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