Monday, November 18, 2013

"digital tantra"

okay, to begin: fuck it!, i wic,
digital tantra, oppressor ross erppo,
nitonol, vulnerably housed,
fracking, buggeiro, transphobia,
voice work, kids area riot, eyeore
eyesore, timeless watches, all the
inbetweeners, lysol axe, toilet
cluster, zournazi, intercaps,
boundary condition, margin of
maneuverability, it’s charge
of affect, wriggle room, has
his fingers in the cupboard,
affective loading, abductive
participation, singularities
of experience, affective
connection, the end fun lass,
twenty-six letters and a
comma, and an exclamation
mark, a long list of book
titles, income pleads, gar
number sixty-three, the
two of you, he ant rope lie,

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