Tuesday, November 19, 2013


sugar puppets, zuckerpüppchen,
huge magnetic plasma snake,
run bambi run, combo ever hunger,
hakuin, underdaks, scriptures on
concrete, kex, white delta, bunch,
com cluster, visual magnetism,
not a single interesting word,
now you have made a mark in
the text, the three-body
problem, an ecology of practices,
post-autonomia, co, home-care
educational, political ecology,
resistance to identity, the
social factory, fidelity programs,
relational marketing,
indeterminate sociality,
immaterial labour, the
subsumption of life, the
capture of resistance, check
mechanism, micro-power,
surplus-value of flow,
capital-power, stunnery,
we can’t stamp off on it yet,
it would take you the rest
of your life just to read
the titles, anyways fuck it!,

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