Friday, November 08, 2013

"sri yantra"

zenitalia, sri yantra, mingent,
neighbour procedure, letter saint
daze, scripting automation,
plunderground, toxic epidermal
necrolysis, the cactus curtain,
the league of the hat-securer,
competitive art making, poblano,
social reading, jasmine tea as
substance abuse, cambazola
hawkins, ripped and cut,
ymmy gmmy, lost in the woods on
magic mushrooms, hugly mangry
killdren, artspeaktext, fun
draisey, who full fol, extra artxe,
viral fundraising, van’s electric,
cap-catch, capitalist
multiculturalism, an
economy of authenticity,
a field of immediate
coincidence, the tina mentality,
atra zine, the colour of a
new penny, quilting iron
beeswax animation, claw moss,
what do you find interesting,
when found make a note of,
try to envision the text,
comes as a surprise,

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