Friday, November 22, 2013

"anti-affective affect"

citroluz, dada porn, this would
copy well, be random, canadian
clown dreams, journal two
hundred and sixty-nine, the
sovereign newspaper, an chien de
angelou, in the stocks,
literature lady liberty,
radical free speech, fuck the
system, criminal authority,
dita von teese, glory box,
clunge, ipecacuanha, espeletia,
chad, subshrubs, launch
empty response, see if you
can wear out that rubberstamp,
maximal cluster, mostly fit,
rawle, read and pass on, the
face of mass affect, affect
modulation, ethico-aesthetic
politics, anti-affective affect,
autonomy and connection,
caring for belonging, an
indeterminate or emergent
sociality, autonomous
collectivity, connective
autonomy, catapult font,
the original note, tasaday,
infantigo, there’s a lot of
fuckin’ books in the world,

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