Saturday, November 23, 2013


mordant, sub-real alchemy, č ,
eating excrement, mojo hand, the
power cut out for a second and
all was lost, enormous retaliation,
insertomania, pap, rapini, raab,
penetralia, astro ivory litehouse,
sys cluster, it is unlawful,
riza, free of marks until,
purposeful futility, whodunit
art, this is nation, working in his
office, one to go out to a
foreign land, a magazine for
the rich, structured abstraction,
ninety-nine minutes, what
happens when you go over, stay
close, fuckin white people like
you, fluctuations in quality,
common human experience,
we don’t have the symbol set,
fallen dee, terror management
theory, pillory, staub,
mandocello, all the titles
of all the books, citrolux,

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