Tuesday, November 26, 2013


superflat, a flattened social
hierarchy, fraggle attack,
racketeer blues, entropia, filles
du roi, depends on the angle of
the head, chambly, customer
cluster, down to zero, beer glow,
wigwag, architechtonic cluster,
subreality, liberation therapy,
confined to expressing himself,
the pictorial turn, the arts of
the contact zone, the vernacular
moment, blackfire, lithodora,
multiplatform interoperability,
infraliminal intelligence,
find the ideograms, see
longhand, mailboxes mailboxes
mailboxes, it’s an issue of,
first or second generation
copies no matter, who stays put,
the copier can’t give you the
perforations, there are plenty
of people who hate art, wow
these are some kinda lines, the
machine outwits you, this one
has haddock written all over
it, a copy of the creases,
rhume, don’t tell me how to
play, addnpass everything,

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