Sunday, November 24, 2013

"john the conqueror root"

leaving the scene of communication,
john the conqueror root, ergine,
ipomoea jalapa, a short street
not worth going down, uthar,
fuol, objet petit a, the perfect
tea, caccicavallo, fall faster
and faster, all, all, now did you
actually do the work, flowers
coming out of anus, paris may
sixty-eight, how to burn money,
asheater, decision point, is
the martha avenue address good,
cash logo, odjig, buckeye bar
and, pancake circus, scarback,
sign your photos, mammoth ivory,
no matter if they are gummed,
gives good line, we all have the
same basics, such a beautiful
full sheet, unit of chaos,
you might think you have the
original, the variation is
slight enuf, lyra, mathewsie,
the following bullet point,
akal shizen, it will take
approximately nineteen
years, emolit, sudden death
semantics, avascular
necrosis, comic amok,

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