Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"i love you just kidding"

art sight, fluxus teepee, the
definitive presentation, three
lines across the body, not just
any shark, fhc, h-binoc, ucupa,
this is not a this is not a,
wham sugar, emphasis on the e,
redzer, ondebus, symbol set,
play set, nonverbal reality,
jute, coded wire, don’t forget
to include the container, art
packet, tumaco, zaharias,
network music, chopped channeled
and, pink bubbles, oh penned
eyes, keep it textual, harper
considering extending,
funicula, highly enjoying these
chats, chashitsu, dulce, i
love you just kidding, cash
trips diamond, csmc, duchenne’s
muscular dystrophy, inside
jobs, old book reviews, amixam,
proletcult, lordosis, contractures,
sunday clusters, abstract
and intact clusters,
clusters of landscape and
location, editit, oil stained
paper, this aft, wireless
names, value-added trash,

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