Friday, November 01, 2013


launceston races, hst, just
a bit of pink plastic, ladyboy,
alternative reel, analöffnungen,
pisses his pants on the sofa,
mail advisor, fluxboxes,
propaganda of the deed,
champurrado, she’d rather be
dancing, dancing at the till,
green pan, head on a string,
face colormates, songsages,
out by a day, sjööblom, ain’t
got no furnace, storage of
electricity, trance access,
this particular pattern, moss
green and drenched with sweat,
googol, bell’s palsy, ailanthus
trees, leprophobia, pale
victim, reading red ink,
hair cut not haircut, go
screefing, alcohol collage,
ceolin, nixtamal,

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