Thursday, July 31, 2014


zalop, phyllite, div, moregasm,
the practical pyromaniac,
stackoverflow, pelvic inflammatory
disease, karmageddon, boobmoan,
moonbow, verbally transmitted
diseases, googie withers, cluster
wants you, we do what we cam,
llanllyr, the imposter syndrome,
cowlick, triumphalism, chai,
sonderkommandos, peplums,
sea buckthorn berry, acanthus
hungaricus, mcluhanacy, the
coach house on the eastern,
blaming firetrucks for
creating ghettoes, humans
as essentially communicative,
time giveth and time taketh
away, a million things to
google, let me read this to
you, yokograph, i love alberta
art, the copier misread the
size, endpoint in quotation
marks, payshit, project for
toner, trust your memory,
bibliorum sacrorum, a
halle, compare with previous
branch points, the copier
read the burgundy as,

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