Tuesday, July 01, 2014


superoxide anion ad, happy hermit,
rank idiocy always wins in the
end, love as thou wilt shall be
the whole of the law, keeping
human contact at a minimum,
cluster of oil droplets, it slipped
out of my hand, maybe get the
globe every day then, don’t try
to open it, making your very last
photocopy ever, your garment is
mighty thin, blue pine, hard
to tell what belongs and what
don’t, this tiny little strip of
paper means the world to me,
it’s a fine line between wanting
and not wanting, i call it
the float, your forty dollar
printer is on the fritz surprise
surprise, one is a neet, yob,
treacher collins, pinky salute,
round picture hats, basins of
attraction, canada death
mouth, maestro madonnari,
business process outsourcing,
crow ducks, crow ducks cluster,
embanished, infinitize, hat
was vagina, botulinum,
citizen journalism, die
wende, ecoholic, lrad,
reversi, buzkashi, wine flu,

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