Sunday, July 20, 2014


allelopathy, allotropy, allopathy,
remplissage, all the honest
pennies accumulated, fulgurites,
zero-docus, hologramatron, just
the one thing, dhibiscus, cb
cluster, donna nuda, delfaco,
westport, the content of this
painting is invisible, mpayshnt,
shryll, rebecca champaign,
greensburg, a tiny little
division, give up your mail
art bull, fuck innocuous,
kaunas, poesia visiva, kaunas,
detournement, photogelatin,
tubby boots, fluxus cherries,
feet of me, a daring nothing,
leafy sea dragon, glory in
tribulations, cinese firenze,
hannah hoch, get away,
black and white and yellow,
peyto blue, tits lace, in your
daily disguise, calypso
bulbosa, peltigera, metal
sprouting, interaction at
the interaction, le sportsa,
one is looking away, snails
mating, code reader,

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