Sunday, July 06, 2014


buckwheatification, shack
up inn, or whatever your name
is, mailshare, we want you, cm
cluster, i’m having a nervous
breakdown, the effect of high
heels on the cloistered, femme
entretenue, stoned thinking,
when you get to the end,
the relationship between
onanism and gambling, piano
nobile, building as duck, the
hamburger joint-cum-duck,
francis bacon duck, decorated
shed-as-library, poetry of
poverty, il pensiero debole,
dream-solve, typing it is
getting it a little closer,
nobody can read your writing,
people we miss, people’s stench,
your mind has left your body,
the further inquiry, the
worried hulk, revenge of the
triangle, the language of
landscape, the raft is not the
shore, lotion bullwhip giraffe,
save the frescoes that are us,
likeness and language, lawn
of excluded middle,

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